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Candidate Services

RGA have been building relationships with candidates since 1974, we take the time to understand what they are looking for and match them with the right clients at the right time.

Temporary Workers

RGA understand that temporary workers who are finishing up will need to find a new position as soon as possible. Our excellent reputation within the technical engineering industry ensures that we are included on the preferred supplier lists for the majority of engineering companies in the UK - this means we have access to the very best vacancies in the leading companies, working on the most high profile and prestigious projects. We also have exposure to major clients’ workforce planning and bid/tendering activities so are ideally placed to advise on future opportunities.

The temporary worker, whilst trading as a limited company should always bear in mind that they must in all matters comply with the statutory regulations as stated by the HMRC, further links can be found at

RGA for its part will demand specific information as to how you are trading in order to ensure that we comply with all HMRC legislation, please see below our terms conditions of business.

Permanent Staff

RGA make sure that each candidate is properly matched with every role and this does not just include experience and skills - we also ensure that the candidate and client are matched in respect of their ambition and values. Each candidate is different, where one candidate may wish to work on a specific type of projects others may wish to settle in a corporate structure overseeing all projects and we have the ability to advise our candidates on the best way to find the position that will give them the job satisfaction they desire. We do everything that we can to advise the candidate of the recruitment process and will provide as much feedback as we are given by our clients.

Senior Level Appointments

RGA also work with senior level individuals who are looking for a new challenge. We have the contacts in the industry to help candidates find that specific role with the right company. We will identify the specific needs of each candidate and then shortlist potential clients who would match their experience and ambitions. Our specialist team will then speak directly with the key stakeholders ensuring that confidentiality is paramount at all stages of the process. Once a serious opportunity has been identified then we will advise all parties and undertake the correct procedures.

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